Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Recorded the weekend just gone. Pretty smooth sailing, managed to get drums done in one take (took about an hour with listening back etc), then finished 90% of Alex's guitar that evening. Honestly I thought I'd struggle with the drums so it was nice to nail them in one.

Then on Sunday Alex finished off his guitar, and we managed to record an instrumental track with just a little bit of cymbal and layered guitars with effects. We also added some crazy effects the end of 'Torch' and I want to fade out 'Vessels' over about 20 secs. Sam came in at 3, recorded most of his guitars but had some trouble with a couple of bits.

Warren recorded the bass on Monday, and Paul did some vox that night. He's planning on finishing them tonight, and then hopefully Sam will be able to make it to Pauls over the next couple of days to finish it.

Was good to hang out and that. Boozed on a bit.

Should be hearing the fruits of our labour soon.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I fucking hate Microsoft

Got my 360 back from repair yesterday, and it appeard to have RRoD on me, though it works OK now. Have to keep an eye on it. If it breaks before GTA IV is out and I have completed it I'm going to fucking kill Bill Gates.

Battlestar is awesome. Who's the final Cylon? Watch on.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Fat weekend

Saw Devil Sold His Soul with support from Latitudes and ThisWillDestroyYou on Thursday at Islington Academy. Was pretty fat.

Boozed on, missed train. Slept outside Waterloo a bit. Got train back at half 5 AM, slept on at Matts till about 2.

Played hilarious drinking game, and then onto town. Moar booze, vr.

Woke up at Paul's, drank on. Went to Lazerquest, drank on.

Then to Light Lounge for some shit Burlesque night. Boozed on.

Watched Arsenal FAIL, though unluckily.

Had a shit nightmare (unless there was a brief earthquake in Cambers...).

Now I'm at work and it sucks.

Fucking laters hurr

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

dis is teh genesis lawl

Just wanna see what the layout looks like. This font is faggy.

Thats better.